Great experience today at Audible hearing center on Perkins. Katie Kingston was so compassionate and very honest and extremely helpful in making the right choice for me. I will see her in two weeks to test them out. Thanks for being so helpful.
Dana Wilhelm, on Google
I went to Audibel on Perkins road first, then shopped around before going back to Courtney Stewart for my Resound Linx aids. She's very knowledgeable and has always been attentive to my needs without pressuring me into anything. Since getting my aids I've discovered three friends who also go to her and love her.
Bob Roe, on Google
For the most part it was a good experience. However, I needed the agent to use a mirror and let me take a picture of how the hearing aid should look in my ear correctly. I had difficulty taking it in and out later that day but finally was able to master it. Also, I have trouble hearing sound with it in in any room. I needed the agent to adjust the volume higher than she did no matter how uncomfortable it may be because later in the day I would have still been able to hear out of that ear. Now I'm having difficulty getting in for a volume adjustment, which I can't do myself since the agent disabled temporarily the volume control on the hearing aid. I would recommend Audibell because they try to take as much time as they can to help you and explain things.
Amanda Libbers, on Google
Dr.Stewart is I have always enjoyed my visit with her. She is a very helpful, and extremely knowledgeable. I recommend her to people I know who need her help.
Thomas Denton, on Google
I certainly made the right choice when I went with Audibel for my hearing aids. They were the best on price and quality. Dr. Courtney Stewart is in a class by herself.
Karl Robillard, on Google

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